Coach Vergil Merkin

Blustone local head football coach


A tall heavy built man, with sun reddened leathery skin, You commonly see Coach Mirkin walking around town in his Blustone high coaching shirt and hat. He has a gruff voice from years off yelling at his players and a face thats in a permanent scowl. Virgil was a football hero back in 68 when the Blustone Indians went all state. In his Senior year he set state records as a running back and was sought after by college coaches all over the country. In the last game of the season he ripped the ligaments in his knee crushing his dreams of playing collage ball and putting his home town on the map. Once healed he was drafted and left for Vietnam.

Virgil returned from the war a hollowed man. Looking to reclaim his former glory he enrolled in college to become physEd teacher and coach football in his home town. After a few years he worked his way up to head coach, but failed to ever pull a winning season. That is until three years ago when the Blustone Indians began winning. Now he’s known through out the state as a coach to be reckoned with. Despite the many high paying offers he’s received to couch at other schools in the state, Coach Mirkin refuses to leave his beloved Blustone High.

Coach Vergil Merkin

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