What Makes the Grass Grow.... Blood Blood

Lost my bear... then found him

So, I found Auggie, it wasn’t hard. Oh did he stink! The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. The girl got arrested, Stan healed the Rennie, THe night-time counter girl at our motel knows mood control. This morning I slept on a car and ate a bird, then went to a park and stretched out on the warm cement while the boys oggled an educated local. Aside from the weird essence floating around it seem s like a normal small football obsessed town with a meth lab that happens to have a lot of out of towners dissapearing. Not to mention the obsessed locals who tried to kill us last night. So not so very normal at all. I have a theory though. They’re sacrificing the passers thruogh to win high school football. I’m probably wrong.



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