What Makes the Grass Grow.... Blood Blood

Just one of those nights...

Ever had one of those nights when you get completely shit faced, black out, and find yourself in a dumpster, naked, with a full stomach, and a half eaten…something in your mouth? This is just another one of those nights for me… minus the fun of getting shit faced… at least there’s no hang-over… but then there’s the heart burn…ugh…

I’m tired… I’m tired of this, shit… I need to gain some kind of stability…

Cleo found me. She brought pants… made me smile. Met up with the the hulk, crazy little Alice, and the fairy, back at the hotel. Sucks that Alice got arrested but , there was nothin I could do. I got a shower and hit the sack…If we need Alice I’m sure well be able to find her.

We got up and I drove them into town. We grabbed some breakfast. Afterward Stan and Justin went asking around for “clues”. I understand why exactly Justin and Alice are here…but I can’t help but wonder about Stan.

So we met Lil’ Miss Peaches… learned a little bit about town and the neighboring meth-lab ghost town… and a few other things… I’ll keep them all in thought… but, I’ll probably be moving on soon enough.



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