CR "Auggie" Jackson

The Feral Redneck Hitch Hiker



Race: Human(Minor Gifted)

Class: Feral(Bear)

Covenant: Solitare

Primary Attributes

Strength(STR): 3/10

Dexterity(DEX): 2/3

Constitution(CON): 3/5

Intelligence(INT): 2

Perception(PER): 2/3

Willpower(WIL): 3

Secondary Attributes

Life Points(LP): 49/140

Endurance Points(EDP): 32

Essence Points(ESP): 45

Speed(SP): 10/15


Qualities: Charisma(2), Fast Reaction Time(2), Hard To Kill(5), Situational Awareness(2), Increased Essence Pool(4)

Drawbacks: Addiction-Cigarettes(-2), Honorable(-1), Miserable(-4), Status(-3)

Skills: Brawling(3), Climbing(2), Dodge(2), Drive(2), Gun-Shotgun(3), First Aid(3), Intimidation(2), Mechanic(3), Notice(3), Survival(3), Streetwise(2), Swimming(1)

Metaphysics: [Feral Bear(29)-Armor Value(3),Bite(D4 X 10), Claw(D6 X 10), Regeneration(Human:1LP X CON per Hour of Rest; Bear:1LP X CON per Turn)], Inborn Feral(2)


Physical Description: Auggie is wearing A faded forest green Camp Thunder staff t-shirt, a dark gray baseball hat, faded blue jeans stained with dirt and mud, and a pair of olive green, surplus army boots. He is dirty, not filthy, but dirty. He constantly had a cigarette in his mouth. He has fair skin with a farmers tan.

Mental Description: Auggie has been through it and back. From four years of living off of nothing he has reached a state of social and economic depression. From being away from people for so long he has gained a shyness to himself as well as an ignorance of current events and happening in the world today.


Hiking Pack, m1887 Lever Action Shotgun(Slug-D8 X 5), 25 Shells, Gun License, Knife(D4 X STR), Lighter, Matches, Bed Roll, Extra Pants(2), Extra Shirt(3), MRE, Roll-Up Cigarettes(50), Canned Tuna, First Aid Kit(Good Quality), Dental Floss, Fishing Line, Sharpe, Grandfather’s Journal, Army Jacket, Toilet Paper(Stolen), Army Trench Shovel, Frisbee, Fork, Canteen, Cup, Full Gallon Jug(Water),Atlas and Compass, Harmonica, Assorted Books(5)


Born to Nathaniel and Diane Jackson, CR Jackson was just like every other baby in the world. He grew up in Meansville and in Woodberry, Georgia, because his parents were divorced. He was constantly living back and forth between their trailers. He was generally a good kid, kept his grades up, stayed out of trouble, and took responsibility for when he did get into trouble. From the age of six CR was enrolled in the Cub Scout program in Meansville. His father liked having to not deal with him for one night out of the week.

Around the age of 14 CR was doing all of the wonders of high adventure in the Boy Scouts. He enjoyed things like rock climbing, shooting sports, wilderness survival, pioneering, lifeguard program, and caving. He frequently camped at the nearby scout reservation known as Camp Thunder. He spent most of his time away from his parents and their constant fighting. He quickly became an expert at the outdoors and survivalism. He gained an uncanny ability at the shotgun range making a perfect score, putting the camp staff to shame.

At the age of 14 CR found out that he had a grandfather named Augustus Jackson that lived in Shapsburg. Unfortunately he found out about him through news of his death. Augustus left behind a small house, a busted truck and a few small objects. He went with his parents to the house. His parents would go on to fight over who takes the house. CR received through his grandfathers will the truck and his grandfather’s Vietnam War trunk. It had things like first aid kits, camping equipment, army uniforms, and a worn model 1887 lever action 12 gauge shotgun. He received help fixing the truck from a man named Jeremiah Lawson, a mechanic and a friend of his grandfathers. It was through Jeremiah that CR got the nickname Auggie, after his grandfather. From the age of 16 to 18 CR worked on staff at Camp Thunder. He taught the wilderness survival classes as well as some of the high adventure. It was here that a turning point rose up in CR’s life. From the beginning CR was cursed. It was a curse that he was born with. He was a feral, a shape shifter. This was inherited from a distant relative unknown to him.

It was the night that the staff has a chance to rest when the campers are home and the new ones come the next day. Some of the younger staffers had planned a little joke, a hazing ritual if you will. It was a surprise and it was painful…not deadly but painful. He blacked out, and when he awoke it was morning, and he was amongst the mauled and mutilated corpses of the staffers. It was taken for a bear attack and that CR was the only survivor. He knew the truth but he couldn’t let it out…who would believe him…He decided that it was best to leave.

On August 17, 2006 CR packed up his things, threw them along with his grandfather’s trunk into the bed of the pick-up, and he drove away. For two years he traveled until the truck ran beyond repair. He knew that he needed to keep moving. He stayed away from people, communities, everything he could. He would camp in wooded areas for weeks until he was found or ran the area dry of resources. He would hitchhike as much as possible, looking mainly for trucks or big rigs, something so that he could separate himself from the driver. Recently he has been seen traveling east through South Carolina, with a small cat, namedCleo.

CR "Auggie" Jackson

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