What Makes the Grass Grow.... Blood Blood

tuna at the gas station

So, Auggie and I, having decided it’s time to move on are travelling through one of the Carolina’s in the back of a truck, and out of no-where there’s this really weird essence permeating everything. After a brief discussion we decide to keep moving forward even though it may take us into an adventure, which I’m all for so long as it doesn’t interfere with my naps.

We get dropped off at a gas station outside of Podunkville and Auggie goes in to get me some tuna. Just as he’s coming out this Gifted Rennie kid starts getting hassled by a bunch of locals. One of them (the locals) throws a bottle at his head, and we step in to help. I grab the bottle and throw it back at the guy and Auggie pushes our soon to be new Aquaintance out of the way. It was more of a tackle really.

This other guy apparently decided the same thing because he walks over, morphs into this muscle stacked monster, picks up the back end of their truck and gives them some choice words before letting them screech off into the sunset.

We decide to head on, but then this vapid girl offers to give us a ride and suggests a hotel room. She’s travelling with tall dark and veiny, who I am quite interested in. I’ve never seen anything like him before, so we tag along. When we hit the city limits the strangeness gets event bigger and Auggie almost phases in the car, but he’s ok.

We camp out on top of their motel, and, after warding Auggie I go down to check on them and offer some warding and that’s when everything goes nuts. Augie phases into the bear, the rednecks come back and try to run everyone down with their trucks, and The Rennie boy gets mortally wounded, the rednecks all die. So here I am folowing Auggie, waiting for him to phase back. I hope they’re ok.



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