What Makes the Grass Grow.... Blood Blood

Lost my bear... then found him

So, I found Auggie, it wasn’t hard. Oh did he stink! The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. The girl got arrested, Stan healed the Rennie, THe night-time counter girl at our motel knows mood control. This morning I slept on a car and ate a bird, then went to a park and stretched out on the warm cement while the boys oggled an educated local. Aside from the weird essence floating around it seem s like a normal small football obsessed town with a meth lab that happens to have a lot of out of towners dissapearing. Not to mention the obsessed locals who tried to kill us last night. So not so very normal at all. I have a theory though. They’re sacrificing the passers thruogh to win high school football. I’m probably wrong.

Just one of those nights...

Ever had one of those nights when you get completely shit faced, black out, and find yourself in a dumpster, naked, with a full stomach, and a half eaten…something in your mouth? This is just another one of those nights for me… minus the fun of getting shit faced… at least there’s no hang-over… but then there’s the heart burn…ugh…

I’m tired… I’m tired of this, shit… I need to gain some kind of stability…

Cleo found me. She brought pants… made me smile. Met up with the the hulk, crazy little Alice, and the fairy, back at the hotel. Sucks that Alice got arrested but , there was nothin I could do. I got a shower and hit the sack…If we need Alice I’m sure well be able to find her.

We got up and I drove them into town. We grabbed some breakfast. Afterward Stan and Justin went asking around for “clues”. I understand why exactly Justin and Alice are here…but I can’t help but wonder about Stan.

So we met Lil’ Miss Peaches… learned a little bit about town and the neighboring meth-lab ghost town… and a few other things… I’ll keep them all in thought… but, I’ll probably be moving on soon enough.

tuna at the gas station

So, Auggie and I, having decided it’s time to move on are travelling through one of the Carolina’s in the back of a truck, and out of no-where there’s this really weird essence permeating everything. After a brief discussion we decide to keep moving forward even though it may take us into an adventure, which I’m all for so long as it doesn’t interfere with my naps.

We get dropped off at a gas station outside of Podunkville and Auggie goes in to get me some tuna. Just as he’s coming out this Gifted Rennie kid starts getting hassled by a bunch of locals. One of them (the locals) throws a bottle at his head, and we step in to help. I grab the bottle and throw it back at the guy and Auggie pushes our soon to be new Aquaintance out of the way. It was more of a tackle really.

This other guy apparently decided the same thing because he walks over, morphs into this muscle stacked monster, picks up the back end of their truck and gives them some choice words before letting them screech off into the sunset.

We decide to head on, but then this vapid girl offers to give us a ride and suggests a hotel room. She’s travelling with tall dark and veiny, who I am quite interested in. I’ve never seen anything like him before, so we tag along. When we hit the city limits the strangeness gets event bigger and Auggie almost phases in the car, but he’s ok.

We camp out on top of their motel, and, after warding Auggie I go down to check on them and offer some warding and that’s when everything goes nuts. Augie phases into the bear, the rednecks come back and try to run everyone down with their trucks, and The Rennie boy gets mortally wounded, the rednecks all die. So here I am folowing Auggie, waiting for him to phase back. I hope they’re ok.

Blustone part 1

from Joshua Jester Goodfellow <respectableusername> to mom date Mon, Oct 14, 2010 at 10:30 PM

Hey, thanks for the care package. I’m heading out for Tenn Renn in the morning, taking a detour in some small town to meet up with a friend of mine. I got a weird text message. I think he might be in trouble. Probably nothing, you know how it goes.

So, I get my friends to drop me off Blastone- or the nearby truck stop which as far as I can tell is more of a booming metropolis that the actual “town.” When I get there, I get hassled by a few locals- which I can handle, and get tackled by a very large man trying to “help.” Then a talking cat showed up- well more telepathic than than “talking” but you get me. And then a very scarred and beaten man turned into something unholy and picked the end of their pick up truck as they tried to get away.

We all hitched a ride with this space cadet of a girl- I’m not sure exactly what’s up with her, but I know when someone’s playing secret squirrel.

We get to Blastone, and I try psychically searching for Whistler. Mental Note: NEITHER Gran, NOT Archimedes TAUGHT ME to SEARCH for ANYTHING Psychically.

So needless to say the redneck show up, shit goes down. I get winged by a truck. This is exactly why I left home in the first place. Well…. it’s not, but sounds good.

Welcome to Blustone

Each was called to Blustone. To hunt, to search, or just drawn by fate, they made there way to the small South Carolina town. As the drew closer to the small town the metallic tide of dark magics rolled over them. Each made their way closer down the high way surrounded by malnourished farms and down trodden housing, but with the crossing in to the city limits of Blustone this all changed.


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